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SpinYoga-Cyclyoga® Partner Program Licence Available Worldwide

SpinYoga-Cyclyoga® Full Backbend

Yoga Alliance® Accredited Worldwide

Cyclyoga® a unique fitness program that go beyond standard yoga forms to include aspects of modern and ancient  fitness designed for sport people, a brand new cardio-holistic workout  that blends Freestyle Indoor Cycling and Yoga designed for the fitness industry recognised and accredited internationally by Yoga Alliance®.

This is a Program that allows Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® Trained Instructors - Health Clubs, Pilates or Yoga studio and  Wellness Centres owners around the world that offer mind body programs, to "partner" with Spinyogaworldwide and utilise our brand name in marketing your services.

Licence FAQ

  1. How do I get Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® at my club/facility?
    Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® Fitness programworks on a licensing arrangement whereby you pay a monthly fee to run the program in your facility. In return for this fee, you’ll receive world-class pre-choreographed program to deliver at your facility.
    Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® is licenced to small or large businesses wishing to become exclusive authorized Centre and use the brand name for commercial purposes. Only studios who have officially licenced the brand name are allowed to advertise the Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® Program and will have full use of the trademark to advertise and promote their club or studio.
    The licence grants businesses the right to train the public at large. Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® worldwide will train any additional Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® Instructors.

  2. How much does it cost?
    There is a monthly licensing fee associated with running Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® program at your facility, the licence fee reflects local currency, therefore the licence fee will vary from country to country. The monthly fee may also vary depending on the type of facility you have (privately own/gym/health clubs etc.).

  3. How does the licensing arrangement work?
    Once you sign up to take on your Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® program you pay a deposit of your first month’s licence fee. You then don’t start paying your regular monthly licence fee until the start of the second month following the launch of the program in your facility. This is typically 12 weeks later. If you wish to cancel your licence agreement you can do so at any time simply by contacting us and giving 30 days’ notice.

  4. Are there any other set-up costs?
    You may also need to purchase equipment for the class. If your facility does not already have a cycle studio you will need to purchase indoor cycles.
    Instructors need to be trained and certified to deliver the Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® program and there is a cost involved in this that some facilities choose to pay on behalf of their instructors. The certification is completed correspondence within 12 weeks.

  5. How do my instructors become Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® certified?
    To become a Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® instructor, applicants need the support of Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® Licenced facility where they would be employed. The club will need to arrange for initial training in the program which is done by correspondence. The course length is typically eight weeks depending on whether or not the instructor (s) already holds an Indoor Cycling qualification. In this case, the instructor (s) will only have to qualify for the Yoga Segment (Sports Yoga®) part of the Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® program.
    Once an instructor has completed the initial training modules and has been cleared to teach classes, he/her can begin to instruct trainees. Trainees become qualified by submitting a video/DVD of a complete class within 8 weeks of the initial training. This is then assessed by Spinyogaworldwide assessors and if deemed a ‘pass’ the instructor becomes qualified to teach the Spinyoga® classes. For more information on what’s involved in becoming a Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® instructor, please Contact Us

  6. Will the Licence be granted to studios/gyms located close to each other in the same city?
    We will be granting licences all over the world into markets that match the profile for success. The number of licences granted will be governed by the quality of applicants. Our foremost desire is to maintain excellence, not geographic saturation. Unlike other over-subscribed fitness programs that cause licensees to compete among themselves, we will allow sufficient geographic protection in each market. We are committed to making our licensing successful.

  7. I don’t currently have any Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® instructors, how do I find them, can we still take the program?
    Yes! One of the great things about Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® program is that, as it is pre-choreographed and can be done correspondence, you’re not limited only to instructors who are able to create their own choreography to music. This, coupled with our instructor training program, makes securing a full team of star instructors.

  8. I am already a RPM™-Spinning®-Spin® Licensee, can I offer Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® under the same brand?
    NO, you would be in breach of Trade Mark and Copyright. Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® class name and format is NOT in any way or form associated to any of the brands above, Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® is a Fitness Program based on freestyle indoor cycling and a series of Hatha Yoga poses performed off the bike at the end of class whereas: RPM™-Spinning®-Spin® DO NOT INCLUDE the Yoga Segment. Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® is an internationally registered Trade Mark and copyrighted program developed and created by an independent group of indoors/outdoors cyclists and yoga experts in 2009.

  9. I am a Spinning® - Spin®-RPM™ qualified instructor, can I teach Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® using my qualifications?
    NO. Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® can be taught ONLY by Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® Certified  instructors.

  10. I am a qualified Yoga Teacher, can I teach Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® using my qualifications?
    Yes. Yoga Teachers can only teach if they are Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® Certified or  hold a Group Indoor Cycling certification and have done the Sports Yoga® segment.


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