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What is Spinyoga Cyclyoga®

Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® is a fantastic cardio-holistic fitness program that that blends Yoga and Freestyle Indoor Cycling ALL IN ONE 60 minutes class to offer participants a total mind-body workout!

Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® is taught by Freestyle Indoor Cycling qualified instructors or Yoga Teachers. It begins ride on a stationary bike followed  by 15/20 minutes hatha yoga postures performed off the bike right on the spot without moving participants from the cycling studio. Adding the yoga component to cycle offers a greater opportunity to build length and flexibility in those areas of the body that get especially tight.

What makes Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® a stand ‘out workout’ is the powerful pranayama techniques done at the beginning and throughout  class and the pre-sequenced series of asanas (which must be performed in a specific order  to be effective) designed to target the major muscle groups used in cycling.

Why Yoga and Indoor Cycling

During the cycling routine the legs don’t reach full extension or flexion, which means that the leg muscles, if not properly stretched, can lose elasticity and become tight. Also, rigid muscles can slow performance and make the body more susceptible to injuries. Yoga ‘asanas’ are the perfect exercise for cyclists both indoors and outdoors. For example a tight hamstring muscle on the back of the upper leg from cycling can limit performance and may become quite debilitating. Tight hamstrings restrain the leg during the down stroke and work to prevent the leg from straightening and reduce the force produced by the leg. A combination of INDOOR CYCLING & YOGA will overcome the problem. It’s also a nice extension that offers participants an opportunity to fully absorb that endorphin release, allowing for additional calming and well-being benefits. Fusion classes are becoming more and more prevalent in group exercise classes.


10 Benefits of Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® Fitness Program

  1. Holistic Healing: The biggest benefit of Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® is working the cardiovascular system within the cycling portion and then stretching the body during the yoga segment.

  2. Two Classes in One: With Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® classes participants benefit from the combined spin and yoga disciplines.

  3. Heart Rate Monitoring: It is rare to find a yoga class where a person’s heart rate will be monitored however the participants will be monitored before and after the bike session and can then observe their performance.

  4. Work the Inner-Core: Both the yoga and indoor cycling portions of the class will work the abdominal muscles and the inner body core which are great for a flatter stomach and also to build a stronger back.

  5. Detoxification: While spin helps to produce sweat and to rid the body of toxins the yoga portion stretches the muscles. Combining both indoor cycling and yoga will generate a complete detoxification workout.

  6. Non-Competitive: Participants are free to enjoy their workout without the stress of competition. The individual’s progress is personal, including the statistics on the bike and no one else is watching during the yoga, while both disciplines promote the benefits of exercising in a group activity.

  7. Easy on Joints: Yoga and the stationary bicycle exercises are gentle on the human joints and by combining both the participant enjoys a well-rounded workout that does not put undue stress on the body.

  8. Sculpt and Tone: Yoga is an excellent way to sculpt and tone the arms, legs and core muscles. When combined with a cardiovascular workout from the bike exercise the toning benefits are further enhanced.

  9. Cardiovascular Benefits: The level of cardiovascular benefit from the yoga and indoor cycling disciplines will depend on the structure and level of the programs developed for the individual by the instructor.

  10. Balance: With our daily activities we do not always have time to find balance with both mind and body; however the Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® indoor cycling and yoga workout does both in a very short amount of time.


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