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Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® Instructor 8 Weeks Correspondence Course

Specifically designed for fitness instructors and Personal Trainer 


Spinyoga-Cyclyoga®  Indoor Group Class

Yoga Alliance® Accredited Worldwide

Be one of the first instructors to qualify in the latest trend of Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® training. Our comprehensive 8 weeks distance learning certification Internationally recognised by the Fitness and Yoga industry covers every aspect of this brand new cardio-holistic discipline including yoga segment and freestyle indoor cycling, cueing skills, warm up components and class choreography.

What makes the Spinyoga-Cyclyoga® workout ‘unique’ is the various pranayama techniques used before, during and at the end of the cycling session and, the sequence of carefully chosen Asanas Hatha style that target the major muscle groups used in cycling that must be performed in the order that have been designed to be effective.


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